Cabling Technician

Reporting Line

Service Delivery Manager

Main Job Purpose

Responsible for the cabling, installation, configuration, and support of network equipment (i.e access points, mesh devices etc) across the LAN, WLAN, WAN, and SD-WAN, both wired and wireless. Assemble and arrange material and equipment, explain and verify service orders, drawings, specifications, particular needs, and instructions, run, pull, stop and splice copper and fibre optic cables, such as CAT5, SE, CAT6, low voltage cables, and fibre, mount telecommunication equipment while adhering to best practices, industry standards, and manufacturer requirements: install support structures, including racks, ladders, and j-hooks, and switches.

Minimum Desired Qualifications

  • National Senior Certificate (Grade 12) 
  • Valid FOA Certificate
  • Networking Certificate (LAN, KRONE, MOLEX)

Minimum Desired Experience

  • At least 3 years’ + experience in similar role
  • At least 3 years’ + experience in design of CCTV & Access Control
  • Good understanding of networking and equipment fundamentals (Ethernet, Cabling standards, TCP/IP)

Minimum Desired Competencies

  • Self-motivated, precision worker that takes pride in work
  • Strong problem solving and troubleshooting skills. 
  • Excellent customer service mind-set. 
  • Ability to Work under Pressure

Responsibilities and Accountability

  • Read and interpret engineering plans, vendor specifications for the installation
  • Conducting site surveys and markings
  • Perform blown fibre installations and fibre splicing operations in connection with the installation, rearrangement, this includes fibre cable, wire, terminals, loop carrier electronics and light guide facilities and various fibre optic applications which may be aloft, underground, or buried.
  • Fault finding, Testing, Trouble shooting and Patching
  • Work aloft; climb ladders and poles; enter tunnels, buildings, trenches, crawl spaces, manholes, and other confined spaces to accomplish job tasks
  • Building Fibre networks and civil sites
  • Floating and trenching
  • DIT Testing
  • Planning Fibre routes
  • Liaising with the clients regarding requirements
  • Complete all related administrative paperwork, time sheets, etc. daily
  • Providing updates and reports
  • LAN, Micro blown and Arial Fibre skills
  • FTTX and FTTH Fibre skill
  • Complete work on optical network equipment OSN 1800 and 9800
  • Optical network signal flow
  • Optical network commission and integration
  • SDH Technology
  • Laying Data cabling and terminate points
  • Laying UPS cabling and connect plugs
  • Build trunking routes for cables


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