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Internet of things is connecting a device onto a network to gather information that can either trigger an action or alarm.

The internet of things, or IoT, is a system of interconnected devices that can connect to a network or internet to provide data. These devices or sensors can be connected to a mechanical machine, digital machine, object, animal, person or anything that requires monitoring. The device/sensor is then connected to a network or internet to gather data such as position, movement, temperature, humidity and any other data that the sensor can send.

The data collected from the devices are displayed in a user-friendly format using the software. The software can be set up for sending an automated action or alerting people when set thresholds have been exceeded. The number of applications available are endless and can be deployed in industries such as transportation, manufacturing, health, government, security, retail, mining, etc.

In the transportation industry as an example, sensors or devices with geofence-enabled location intelligence together with intelligent software are deployed across a fleet of trucks or cars which can deliver greater efficiency and reliability for transportation and logistics companies. This solution is able to improve service quality, reduce downtime and boost customer satisfaction. It can also enhance safety and reduce costs by managing, tracking and monitoring connected vehicles, freight, and other mobile assets in real-time.


Enterprise networking is the foundation to all connectivity in the organisation, which means it has to be designed, installed and maintained correctly. Within an enterprise network, wireless is an extremely important component to allow employees access to your network seamlessly as well as allowing secure internet access for visitors or contractors while on site. 

Diopoint offers enterprise networking and wireless solutions that will be for any organisation from small to large enterprises, backed up by our technical team that is capable of completing the design, implementation, project management, support, and maintenance. 


Network security is critical for all businesses today to ensure that you are covered from end-user device to a firewall. With GDPR being implemented in Europe, it has had an impact on many of the South African companies dealing with the European market. Protecting your customer’s information is critical to running your business. Employees bringing their own devices (BYOD) which needs to be protected so that they connect to your network.

Diopoint has the experts that would assess your requirements, recommend solutions, design, implement, maintain and support your network security. We offer service level agreements (SLAs) that are tailored to your requirement. We have engineers to work on your site as an extension of your technical team.


Employees are mobile and are required to work anywhere, at any time. Collaboration with voice and video offers an opportunity for less travel and higher productivity.

Unified communications (UC) technology and software adoption are driven by the demand for collaboration solutions. UC, including video conferencing, is radically changing the way people work and interact with business and education. Students entering the workplace have expectations which are adding to the demand for collaborative working.

Components of UC could include email, voicemail, calendars, scheduling tools, video conferencing, instant messaging (IM), desktop sharing and VoIP. Additionally, the functionality may include presence tracking, which is the ability to tell whether a contact is busy or free, and unified messaging, which is the ability to retrieve all messages from a central location.

Organisations that have implemented UC technology have reaped many benefits such as streamlining employee and customer interaction. Tasks such as brainstorming, collaboration on projects and virtual meetings with remote employees were smoothed when UC tools were implemented.

Diopoint has a vast experience of designing, implementing, optimising, supporting and maintaining UC solutions. We assist in ensuring that the employees adopt the new technology to ensure the software is used to its full potential.