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Diopoint has extensive experience in providing turnkey surveillance solutions to the retail and more specifically to the fuel industry. Our solutions cover infrastructure, networking, time & attendance (T&T), access control and surveillance (CCTV). 

Over the years we’ve developed and implemented solutions that can reduce shrinkage, with our text-overlay solution, measure customer conversion rates and measure lost opportunities. This is done by counting the number of people and / or vehicles entering or passing the store of fuel station. 


Our TOL is customised specifically for the fuel industry and works on almost all leading point of sale systems, including: NAMOS and Retalix. These systems are used by brands such as, Total, Caltex, Engene, Shell and many others. The TOL is provided at no extra cost to our customers. 

Through the TOL, the supervisor / manager is able to reduce shrinkage by verifying what has been sold, as per the POS to what has actually been given to the customer. 

The TOL also provides a means of determining which pump attendant served which vehicle. This is done by logging an event on the system stating the pump attendants name or tag ID and the pump number they’ve tagged. 

Events and transactions can be searched using any field that appears of the receipt. For example, if the term “COKE” is searched, all the “COKE” transactions will appear. If the pump attendants name of tag ID is searched, all the events where the pump attendant tagged will appear in the results. 

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) – Capturing the vehicles entering and exiting the fuel station. The system allows for Blacklisting or whitelisting any vehicle, therefore notifying managers when a specific vehicle enters the fuel station.