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As an integrator Diopoint installs and supports a variety of both local and international CCTV systems. We also have vast experience in integrating various IT and Security systems. We supply and support the traditional analogue, high-definition analogue and IP systems. Diopoint is accredited to install: Dahua | Hikivision | DVTEL | Flir | Bosch | Teleeye | Cathexis and Vivotek CCTV Systems.

We also support a wide range of mobile systems for trains, busses, trucks, etc


A control room may be just a small part of a large project but it is often where everything comes together. There are usually a number of conflicting priorities that must be factored into control room design and planning, including operator comfort and safety, operational requirements, ergonomic considerations in control room console design and selection of technical furniture, and lighting and overall room layout.

Our holistic approach to capturing and understanding the full range of requirements is what sets us apart. We believe in engaging with the relevant stakeholders at all stages of technical room design from conception to installation, resulting in a technical room that is highly functional, ergonomically safe for its operators, attractive and durable, meeting current mission critical business requirements while being adaptable to future technical room upgrade and expansion.

Off-Site Monitoring

Off-Site Monitoring offers you the peace of mind through 24-hour surveillance of your essential day to day systems and security. Diopoint, not only offers early warning and detection of security threats and system failures but also assists in auditing all service providers including reaction and guarding companies.

· Off-site monitoring of CCTV cameras removes the human factor and inevitable risk from your security strategy.
· Providing the capacity of placing surveillance in multiple locations and monitoring simultaneously.
· Providing security and monitoring systems with scope to automate information and observe potential criminal activity in the most financial sensible way.

Due to the pandemic, our off-site monitoring service will be launched late 2022