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With growing concern of terrorism around the globe, how to ensure the airport security has gained high attention of the local government and airport management authorities. At the same time, with the economic development, the scale of the airport has expanded greatly. The traditional security system has the difficulties in addressing all modern challenges.

In order to meet these challenges Diopoint has partnered with world leading manufactures. 

Based on the traditional security system, Diopoint airport security solutions fully utilises its new innovations and integrates the know-how in big data management. It makes the airport more intelligent and more secure from the management of vehicle, passenger and luggage.

Diopoint fully utilizes its experience and expertise in the security industry, uses cutting-edge technologies such as 4K, panoramic, face/license plate recognition, thermal detection,ePOE, intelligent network management system, etc., to provide a better and more secure experience.


Terminal is the most significant surveillance area due to its heaviest foot traffic among all airport areas with retail stores, check-in counters, duty-free shops, airport lounges, departure and arrival area, etc.

Intelligent Behavior Analysis – Combine video analysis, image processing, deep learning and artificial intelligence technology to achieve high protection of the surveillance scene

Facial Recognition – Recognize the face by intelligent arithmetic. Input personnel information and establish the blacklist for the system. Generate the alarm when recognized face match in the blacklist and help police find the criminal

Fish-Eye – One camera catch 360° scene with no blank area. Show real video with calibration for any area• Multiple de-warpping modes: original, panoramic, double panoramic, 1+3, E-PTZ

Elevator Monitoring – • Video surveillance for all kinds of elevators• Long wireless transmission distance up to 500m

Business Intelligence – Line crossing people counting, Region people counting, Queue management, Heat map. Reduce OPEX , increase store operating efficiency. Enhance profits by grasping the direct relationship between foot traffic data and transaction data.

AIRSIDE – Multi-lens Monitor – Multi-Lens with 180 degree panoramic view up to 32 Mega Pixels achieve real-time video. See the airport surrounding environment more intuitive and clearer. Effectively improve the performance of emergency command.

Thermal Detection – Have one thermal camera for monitoring in total darkness and one visible camera with starlight feature and motorized lens for confirming details.Have high thermal sensitivity to capture more image details and temperature information. Detect illegal intrusion personnel and other objects with thermal technology.

PERIMETER – Set intelligent intrusion analysis to discover and detect illegal intrusion personnel and foreign objects. Provide visual image and confirm alarm recheck when sending alarm information to monitoring centre. Mark the intrusion object and its moving track in the video image

CARGO – Set video surveillance to monitor the cargo area all the time. Starlight camera displays the picture of place in low light clearly. Thermal camera can detect abnormal heat source to prevent fire

CONTROL ROOM / CONTROL CENTER – Intelligent operation and maintenance system uses the unified management system including video surveillance, centralised or decentralised storage systems, display system, access control system, alarm system, etc.

Manage all devices including views and play back of video and all the other daily operations. Operate and maintain system, according to the information collected by the system, to provide business processes, and to maximize of system function usage

PARKING – Our parking solution includes: parking lots and entrance control, license plate recognition, video surveillance, parking guidance, Vehicle position